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PRODUCTS All Sola cube products

ACCESSORIES Wooden boxes and stands

Sola cubes look beautiful when displayed as-is,
but we also offer a range of wooden boxes and stands that further bring out their allure.
Please choose a style that suits your Sola cube or the mood of your room.
They also make for a great accent when giving Sola cubes as gifts.


A simple gray paper box is used to highlight the exquisite plant forms. Each package is printed with the name and a photo of the encapsulated plant. Every Sola cube package also includes a “botanical essence,” a message in the “language of flowers.” So, your gift of a Sola cube to a loved one will be accompanied with delightful words.

  • Image of gift box
  • Image of gift box
  • Image of gift box

CARE How to handle your Sola cube

Some tips on how to handle your Sola cube so that you can keep it looking beautiful and enjoy it fully for a very long time.

  • Image of cleaning

    How to clean a Sola cube

    After displaying a Sola cube for a long time, it is likely to become a little dusty or dirty. If any stain appears, wipe it gently with a soft, dry cloth, such as a microfiber towel or dishcloth. Never use thinner, alcohol, or similar solutions, because such liquids will penetrate the resin and cause cracking.

  • Image of how to store

    How to store a Sola cube

    When you want to put away your Sola cube safely, wrap it in a polyethylene foam sheet to avoid the risk of scratching.

  • Image of how to display

    How to display a Sola cube

    Never expose a Sola cube to direct sunlight or high temperature for long periods of time, to avoid the risk of discoloration or deterioration of the encapsulated plant material or resin.

If a Sola cube develops scratches

After enjoying a Sola cube for a long time, small scratches may appear on its surface. You can polish scratches with an abrasive compound (liquid abrasive) that is suitable for use on acrylic products.

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