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Chamomile sunray

The parts that looks like white petals are known as inner involucral bracts, a special kind of leaf that protects the collection of yellow flowers in the middle. The purple peeking out from behind are the outer involucral bracts from when the flower first buds. Native to Australia, these flowers prefer dry areas like their home.

Botanical essence
Internal beauty

Ant tree

The characteristic wings of this fruit are actually evolved sepals, and they work to carry the seeds on the wind. If dropped from a high place, they spin around and around as they fall. A tree native to the American tropics, it uses its sap to feed ants, inviting them to live on it and protect it from predators.

Botanical essence
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NEWS Latest information

  • 2024.01.19

    We will exhibit at “NY NOW”

    We are exhibiting at an international exhibition for the first time in almost five years! The stage for our first overseas exhibition in a long time is New York! We can’t wait! NY NOW2024.02.04-02.07Javits CenterNew York City429 11th AvenueNew York, NY 10001Booth:Home section #533URL:
  • 2023.11.13

    Selected Package Campaign

    You will be able to select Sola cube packages for a limited time only.The campaign is being held at Usaginonedoko’s directly managed online store. Type A Illustration packageAn illustration is drawn on the gray pasted box. Type B Recycled material packagingUses polyurethane. This is a package where you can see the cube. Pl […]
  • 2023.10.31

    Our new website has been launched!

    Sola cube’s brand new website is now available. Sola cube is a product brand based in Japan. When you purchase from our online store, we ship products all over the world. Wholesale is also available. Online store Instagram Sola cube website Production […]